Hola homies! Buenos matin, howdy y'all amigos?!

 Yup. That right there, is linguistic talent.

Maths. Don't we all just love it? No, no we don't. So what do I do to pass the time? I draw of course.

These drawings were mostly inspired by the geometric shapes we're learning about, mostly triangles and Pythagoras and circle theorems. Why am I blogging about maths? I'll stop. So, yeah, here they are.

The one with all the scribbles was actually me going wrong and scribbling it out, but then I thought it looked quite quirky so I kept it ;)

Sorry for the quick quick post, but I think my blueberry muffins are burning because I can smell burning, and I must save them before they turn to charcoal like my other attempts at cooking. Ok I exaggerate. But I really think they are burnt.



  1. These are so good! I wish I could sketch as well as you. But anyways, you have such a lovely blog to look through, so inspiring! Keep it up, because you just got yourself a new follower. (:


  2. Love it!
    Thanks for your comment!
    yes it´s velvet!
    x amber

  3. I love drawing clothes....I used to do it all the time and copy the models out of my moms old fashion text books...but thanx for dropping by the blog and commenting...hope to see you there more often...but im following...feel free to follow back :)

  4. Love these! You are very talented!

  5. Your drawings are very good.They all look pretty futuristic !
    I want to be a designer,so I'm drawing too.Mabye I'll show you mines some day !

    Lovely blog,and lovely name !

  6. i love your sketches and ideas, i could definitely see lady gaga pulling some of these looks off, especially the look with the antler shoulders. fantastic! :D

  7. They are soooo good. Ur a real talent. And I love how u made them in pen, and textures really come across coz of the uniform color :))

  8. Wow melissa your drawings are amazing. Love your ideas. :)

  9. Are you from London? Is my favourite city !! I went to London maybe 20 times !! and I really want to go now ! Whats the weather in there? I love your blog ! Your own designers are really cute and chic, love them ! you have a special style and its the secret to be a fashion icon ;)



  10. really? come , now its sunny ! but some days are so clowdy... :S Some people told me : " I dont Understand why you always want to go to london " and similar things, but I dont know, maybe because Im always speaking in english :D

    so hope you enjoy my blog, like me the yours ;D



merci ♥