This is the return of the space cowboy


Caught your eye, didn't it? Just a technique I used so you wouldn't move away from this page due to my lack of posts-2 months to be precise-and being lazy. That's if you HAVE read my blog before. If not that would just be...awkward.
I haven't posted in a long time and I was thinking of starting a new blog; delete old posts, new name, blah-di-blah, ya get my gist? ;) ....So, here goes...

Hi, I'm Melissa from (undecided new name of blog).I like unique things that no one else would even to think of buying and I like rings. I am bad at cooking although I love it, I love speaking random words in french and chocolate coffee beans are my weakness. And rings. And hobnob biscuits. Ok I have a lot of weaknesses. Another one being my habit of rambling on. Take Note.
Oh, and it was my birthday on wednesday. yay.

My friend was asking me yesterday why I haven't updated my blog on so long, and when she checks for new posts, she just gets the same picture of a pie, so I thought I would start blogging again. I went to take some outfit photos straight away, which isn't the most exciting outfit, but it'll do for now :)

satchel: Thrifted, shorts: topshop, top: H&M, shirt: thrifted and cropped, tights: H&M, jewellery: random


Simply cut the shirt so it frayed because I liked the raw edges in Heikki Salonen, Prada and Calvin Klein

Happy doesn't begin to describe it. That's if I can get it working. My dad got me a vintage 1960s record player, and comes in an old suitcase!! :)))

I got this radio from Maryam, which not only has an awesome pattern, but also is a great ring holder.


P.S. I'm deleting all my old posts and thinking of re-naming my blog, but I need some help deciding, let me know which one you prefer s'il vous plait :)

- Vinyl Truffle
- Bad Milk
- Unicorn and Tee
- Denim Unicorn

all pretty lame, but all I could think of ;)

--- [edit]  ---
Isn't this ring just amaing?! Enter Beauty and the Blog's competition to win it here.


  1. hallooooooo my dear!
    i got so happy when i saw a new post :D, the record player looks awesome and love the outfit.
    as for the blog name, im liking Unicorn and Tee, it's catchy no? :)


  2. You're back! Yay!

    I like Bad Milk personally. I mean, not to drink, but for your new blog name.

    Oh, and I also really really like the frayed edge on your top! I might have to try that out sometime!

  3. Yayy new post! <3 Love the radio. :) I like the name Vinyl Truffle, its very unique. :)

  4. yaaay you're back! :)
    i'm loving this look of yours (love the raw edge) and i'm so jealous of your ring collection!!!!

  5. Wow,
    these are such lovely photos,
    and such lovely outfits!
    Love that ring too. Cat ring! rad!
    Panda xx
    ++ oh, and thanks 4 the sweet comment!

  6. I agree this ring is amazing!

  7. awesomee radio/ring holder ;)

  8. AWESOME outfit, this is ALL I LOVE: a shorty short, beautiful accessories (loving your neckless and all your rings!!). You look so cute. This glasses are so good on you.



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