Did y'all miss me?! ahaha...yeah don't answer that...

Sooo, skiing was totally-absolutely-amazingly....spiffing. I spent a week in the French Alps in a crappy hotel, but the skiing was great, but the highlight of the week was probably watching the teachers drunk...and dancing.

I have so many things to show and tell you guys, but knowing me, I will probably forget about them half-way through typing this post, so I'll just cut to the chase. 

This is the outfit I wore on the 21 hour coach journey                 

I painted my nails to get a french feel on one hand....

 ....and I followed a tutorial by Behind The Seams on lace nail on the other hand....

Skiing photos....

Me and my friend Laura

Mountains and the village in the middle is where we stayed

Our room

Sitting on rocks at night

Ski lifts

The mountain in the distance is Mount Blanc

When I got home, I had a strong urge to go shopping, so I went to Bicester Village with the family. Heres what I wore...

I love how you can see my sisters in the reflection watching me! haha! The neckace I'm wearing is one I made from a shell and some shoelace :)

I recently bought these great lace up boots on ebay...for 99p! yessss ;)

I bought this laavly snake bracelet from a random shop in the village which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it

This is an ulmighty-helluva-long post, but I still have more to say...

WE MADE CAKES!    *proud face*

I didn't go out today (well unless you call going Sainsburys 'going out'), I just stayed at home and baked with my *ahem* lovely sisters. But anyway, here's what I wore


I made the hairbands I'm wearing this morning; one with some silver elastic and white netting and the other is just was piece of black sequined scrap fabric tied around my head. I pinned the side of the skirt up a little to show the netting and to create a new kinda shape.

The blazer I'm wearing is the one I wore in the last post, so I thought I'd do a close up on a part of it. It's the lapel where I've sewn on some beads and necklace pendants.
I made this ring ages ago, but thought I'd show you guys now

Hopefully this would be the longest post I will bore you guys with, adios amigos!!!!  :)


P.S. wanna learn the french Haribo theme tune? of course you do. here goes...

Haribo c'est beau la vie
Pour les grands et les petits

Cool aren't I? I've had it in my head all day.

 --  EDIT --
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  1. fab- looks amazing x


  2. looks like an amazing holiday :)
    LOVE the jumper from the very first picture :) Where's it from?
    Thanks for the comment also...xox

  3. Great outfits!!! You have really cute jewelry!!! Sounds like a pretty amazing vacation!! You lucky duck!!!

  4. Arrgh i wanna go skiing! and skydiving.

    cute outits you had on too :)

    Julie@ http://yourstalkerslittlesister.blogspot.com/

  5. yayyy Melissa is back! love the headbands you made, you're so awesome it hurts.



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