Jumble Jungle

Jumper: Dad's wardrobe, Skirt: H&M, Bag: DIY, Converses, Jewlery: Random

These photos were taken on saturday but I didn't have time to post them up. (I look terrible, but it was very sunny and early!!) I woke up mega early to go to the Denham car boot sale/jumble sale (whoo yeah!) - first one this year :) . I got lost about 10 times and had to phone my dad and meet him by 'the guy who sold the tiles' haha! It was a beautiful day and I got some beautiful bargains....

  Houndstooth jacket
I got this for a mere £4!! It caught my eye from a mile away (well technically about 5 metres but you know...) ahem, so, more clothes.....

You can't really see but it's a cropped drapey blazer, which I got for a staggering-wallet-busting......£3.

It looks like the pattern fades away at the top, but it doesn't. I got this for £5.

Vintage Levi's jacket
I've been looking for a denim jacket for soooo long, and when I saw this one, I couldn't resist! It was on sale for £2, but I got it for £1.50, saving myself a whopping 50p. (which was actually quite good because I got a badge for 50p later on LOL.)

Silk trousers
They look better in real life, I promise! They're just not a very photogenic pair of trousers, thats all I guess. I bought these for a mega £3, and I was drawn to the beautiful prints, I loved the colour and the material is so soft and smooth.

 I just loooove the prints on this jumper, aren't they sweet?!

Ok, I have a little story to tell about these jumpers. At first, I saw these two lovely mamas and grabbed them off the rails, but then an old lady started to check out the green one-in my hand (I know!), but anyway, I was thinking (hey lady, I was here first), but I felt bad pulling away because she seemed nice and innocent and old, but, I...I gently pulled away and walked away from her. (Oh god I'm a bad person. I felt so mean) On the brightside, I got the jumpers! The lady selling said that the green one was handknitted and that they were both bought for over £100 each (I didn't know whether to believe her, I'm pretty gulliable but c'mon...£100?!) Anyway, she was selling them for £10 each and, eager to haggle them down, I said I only have £9 left (I know, sneaky huh?!) She then said that I was lying and that she would give them both to me for £15. I (a little shocked at this accusation) started to walk away vvveeerryy slowly, looking at other things, and as planned, she called me back quickly and asked why I changed my mind. I said I didn't have enough money, then she reluctantly asked me to give her an offer, to which I answered 'erm, £8?'  She sighed and put both in a bag (I actually meant for just one of them but she gave me both!!) and told me that I bagged myself a great bargain there. yes I did. thank you very much kind lady.

Hope you awesome peeps have had an awesome easter break and I shall now visit all your awesome blogs ;) I have sooo much homework to catch up on, I wish I didn't leave it all to the night before :( I also have beaucoup d'exams-to-revise-for (well mocks, but exams all the same) so posts wouldn't come as often as normal, sorry guys.

Must fly butterflies
Peace Owt.


p.s. I will do a tutorial on how to make that bag soooon...well, that's if I ever remember. I'll do my best ;)

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  1. cute green jumper and great bargains! and i know how you feel, i have two weeks of exams starting today and have not revised at all. oh well :D


  2. woohoo jumble sale! i am also in love w/that squirrel sweater... so cute and unique... lucky girl gettin that deal lolz

    - Iza

  3. awwh i love your outfit in the first picture :) and thankyou very much for the comment + visit. :) I'll link you okay..


  4. wow that sweatshirt you're wearing looks very comfy, i love it!! the houndstooth blazer yess it's gorgeous. have a blessed day!

  5. Yeah! What a steal for those jumpers...I wish we had sales like this where I live, lucky girl!


  6. love your outfit, cool. and i like vintage levi's jacket. huhuhu

  7. Aaaawww... you look so cute, nice blog... Love it... By the way thanks for your comment in my blog...


  8. really like your outfit! look so comfy :)


  9. Love your sweatshirt! hehehe.. and the jeans jacket that you bought is really great. =)

  10. hey thanks for dropping by at my blog yaah
    I love the black blazer! and the dress too :)
    mind to exchange link anyway?

  11. love that blazer! ahh actually love all those items you found! youre a lucky girl for finding them!

  12. jumper is wonderful :)
    I love, love your shoes..

  13. HAHA! i'm soo gonna try that out!
    those jumpers are amazing though.

    awesome finds ;D


  14. Looks like an amazing day out :)
    Great buys!!
    Thanks for the sweet comment lovely.
    Www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  15. looove the vintage levis jacket!

  16. Great buys... I'm loving the silk trousers & teal oversize sweater ♥

    Mon Mode Blog

  17. ooh thanks very much (: yeah I've linked youuu <3

  18. Wow! Those are some really great finds! I wish I could bargin hunt like that lol

  19. Gorgeous photos and post! :)
    Hope your having a great holiday, and sorry for the late reply, thanks for the lovely comment!
    panda x

  20. your silk trousers remind me of jane aldridge's pair ! she's got similar ones !


  21. Fabulous buys Melissa... that's really the secret to bargaining. State your offer and when the seller says NO, walk away, 90% of the time, she/he will call you back and make a counter-offer. You did well sweetie. I love everything you bought. xoxo

  22. great buys! love that lavender dress!



  23. I cannot believe that houndstooth jacket - lovelovelove - what a bargain!!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling, it means so much that you like the blog and I really hope you become a regular visitor =]

    I LOVE your blog too - want to exchange links?

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  24. WOW! nice blog you have!
    sorry for the late reply :(
    btw, wanna exchange link? :DD
    btw, check my new post!

    xoxo, bee ♥

  25. that looks like so much fun and you found some good buys!!


  26. good finds! very cute

    Maria from 'Charmed She's Sure"

    check out my interview of Dylana from "Nana in Wonderland"


  27. thanks for your comment :)
    got a new post up now !
    check my blog out at...

    dont forget to enter my sex and the city film set tour giveaway !

  28. the finds are amazing, love! the houndstooth would be my favourite. a classic! lovely style, glad to have found your site:)

    btw i've got a great summer giveaway going on at my blog open to all readers, so hope you could give it a shot!:)

    join the citt summer giveaway here

  29. The sweaters are really cute, I like one with the print.


merci ♥