Love in technicolour, sprayed out on walls

Lyrics: Underdog - Kasabian

Top: New Look, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Topshop, Shoes: H&M, Rings: Random, Headbead: DIY, Bangles: Random, Locket: Present

Bangles from Left to right: Mcfly concert, DIY (the white stuff is superglue which I never got to removing!), H&M (from Aimee)

Still buzzing from today, I went to Thorpe Park because there was no school. The day mainly consisted of hours of waiting for a 2 minute thrill. And sunburn. Totally worth it. We went on Colossus, SAW the ride, SAW ALIVE the maze, Rush, Nemesis Inferno, Stealth and Vortex. The best one had to be SAW the ride, it had the loooongest waiting time-over an hour, but it was sooo good! 

The SAW maze was awesomely terrifying. I was at the back, and the person at the beginning said that the person at the back sometimes gets taken away. Great. In the first room, an actor came right up close to me, and I may have accidently kicked her (reflex action) and she told me to get out, but I just stood there looking scared sh*tless, so she said I could re-join the group, but they had already walked off, so I had to run after them. I was screaming and desperatly trying to keep my back against a wall whilst the live actors were stroking my hair and touching my ankles. One of them grabbed my shoudlers and tried to pull me away (I was later told that I was supposed to go with them, but I didn't really want to get taken away by a scary man in a pig's mask.), but I was holding onto my friend so tight that they probably gave up. The worst part was probably when they followed me to the end of the room because I was at the back and kinda cornered me in. The whole experience would probably been worse if I had actually seen the films...

I don't really have anything interesting to say anymore, so I shall leave you will some awesome inspiring pictures

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Have a great weekend!! 


  1. awesome outfit, love the colour of the t-shirt :D
    and the saw maze sounds so good! i need to go, i'd probably wet myself though haha. that was a joke :)


  2. Hey, I just saw that you added me to your blogroll. Thanks so much for that! :)

  3. that pink diy bangle is awesome! u should totally post about how u made that ;)


  4. gorgeous outfit ;D
    I really like your shoes

    kisses from Poland

  5. I love your bloggg! im following now :]


  6. cute polka dot tights! love the inspiration photos as well ;)

  7. Them trying to drag you away sounds so scary D: D:
    i'd crap myself haha.

    lovvvvvvvve that top!


  8. heyy thanks for followed me and for your sweet comment too :)
    i've followed you back
    nice tights by the way

    XD nathalie

  9. Great photos, inspiring..
    and outfit:)


  10. i love the way you have put your tee in these photos, youre tights are cute too (i got to have tights like that too) =)


  11. I love your bangles..those are amazing bangles you have.

  12. gorgeous pictures!
    lovely blog!


  13. You are very brave in your style and it is cool.
    I love when people feel free and happy in their clothes.
    You look like that, but I unfortunately I can not often allow for it.
    Greetings from Poland:) .

  14. I love the title of this post!

    Once upon a time I saw black polka dotted tights and I didn't buy them. I regret it still. The end.

    Therefore, you look ADORABLE. (And I'm a little bit envious of your legwear..)


  15. love the knotted top !
    and those pics are gorgeous !
    enjoy your upcoming week !
    glisters and blisters


merci ♥