You and I go shopping and fall asleep inside the mattress store.

 Lyrics: Radar Detector - Darwin Deez

*Beware those with short attention span, this is a looooong post*

I.LOVE.FURNITURE.STORES. This one we went to today had big chairs, cool lights and JUKEBOXES. I'll repeat that shall I? JUKEBOXES. I would kill for one of these in my room. No joke.
The store also had free sweets, so me and my sister took 3 trips to the little 'sweets area', until a member of staff said 'more sweets? haha'. He said it in a joking-ly way, but we both knew he meant 'go away, no more, pesky kids'. WE SEE HOW IT IS.  *flicks head back and walks away*
Go on, judge me now. (: TOY STORES! Yeee boy

The 'Taz' I would like to say I won at the fair, but I didn't win, I lost, I just bought it off her because I WANTED TAZ..
I thought this was preeeeetty amazing
I tried to climb onto the top and sit on it, but failed-thanks to my short legs. Thanks guys.
Donuts! nom nom nom
Oh we all love freebies right?! So when it came to getting goodie bags, we all made 2 trips (well my sister and I did). Hey look, it's my new neon yellow watch :)

Don't know about you, but these photos are getting tiring to look at now, BYE GUYS!
Hope you had a grrrreat bank holiday weekend, I SURE DID.
I must go watch my Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry DVDs now. I couldn't resist buying them, they were my fav cartoon shows to watch in my childhood, and I don't intend to stop watching them just because I'm 15. Mum and dad say I need to grow up, I don't know what they mean. (hey, that rhymes)


P.S. I forgot outfit details:
vintage blazer (you might recognise the prints from a previous post, it's because I got them in a set for £3.50 at a charity shop-chopping the skirt of course as it was down to my ankles) topshop dress, converses, oasis bag, DIY ring

+ nearly 100 followers! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!  ♥ 
Hugs to all you awesome people (:


  1. lovely pictures!!


  2. Melissa I love this post XD
    Furniture stores are pretty cool. I actually have a picture I cut from a magazine stuck to my bedroom wall of what I want my dream room to be like. It's all fairytale like with a giant bed and with white and gold everywhere <3

  3. loooks like you had a fab day out with your family!
    thankyou for adding my blog to your links list, i shall add you to mine now!

  4. I waant that chaiir!!
    Haha, beautiful outift. It looks like you had lots of fun.
    && those grafitti walls are awesome looking. :)

  5. OH EM GEE. Everything in this post = FOR THE WIN. I love love love it all.

    That velvet couch is seriously rad. And the amusement park screams "CHILDHOOD GOOD TIMES" which I love. Man, I need to get to more of these amusement park majigers...

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Wonderful pictures, especially love those with that giant donut, no matter if you couldn't climb your way to the top of it. It would take a very tall person to do that. :)
    And I'm especially loving that floral blazer of yours!

  7. look like a great fun;)
    nice blzaer;)


  8. lovely picts and blazer. vintage!!
    the most gorgeous pict is the donut photo. Cute <3
    check out my latest post:)


  9. You are so awesome, its not even funny! Great post :-)
    Ad thank you so much for helping me reach 300 followers, and writing such sweet comments!
    Panda xx

  10. I love this post, it's so cool!
    I've just found your blog, it's realllllly nice!
    much love, Rachel

  11. thanks!
    congrats with the 100 girl (I'm the 100th, YAY!)
    much love

  12. nice shots! i love the way you mixed patterns and the jukebox shot, too. thanks for sharing. very inspiring for me!!!

  13. LOVE the blazer, and awesome pictures!

  14. i'm loving the floral blazer, it's gorgeous melissa!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  15. Nice outfit and great pictures!!

  16. I love Darwin's song !
    Really nice photos :)

  17. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Cute family. And I totally get your love for furniture stores...THEY ARE AMAZING

  18. Such cute pictures! I loved the toy store shots. I love toy stores so I had a common friend in you while reading this post =)

  19. you are so sweet and I love your style - it is so amazing, simple, but has SOMETHING!

  20. i just fell in love with ur blog.. its quite snazzy and thank u once again for the follow!!

  21. heeyyy thanks for following (: I sure follow you back.
    bytheway i love your outfit

    retroglam <3

  22. oh my gosh i want your blazer! cute socks too :)

  23. this outfit is so lovely and i love the knee socks. that toy store looks like so much fun too! i want a rocket ship hanging from my ceiling :)

  24. the jukebox is killer indeed :)
    cute outfit..the vintage blazer is just lovely!

    eclectic du jour

  25. Haha, looks like a lot of fun!

  26. I'm so happy too, you're so nice and thanks for your sweet coment:) Hm, yea, I follow you too, thanks once again and have a great day:*

  27. ooooh, i want to go to there!!! looks like so much fun. =)

    thanks for stopping by my blog. am following yours as well. =)

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  28. love this post
    lovE hte pictures ;d

  29. sorry. that was um awkward my internet is like stupid xd i just wanted to say;
    love this post , your outfit especially your blazerthing and pictures

  30. oh how lovely the doughnut pics!!! I am so following this blog! <3

  31. Your family looks sweat :) I LOVE the donnuts' pictures !

  32. You are so cute. You seem to be a funny girl, I like it!


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