Train this chaos, turn it into light

 All that I have - Snow Patrol

I love diners. I went to Starvin' Marvins a few days ago, it was a weekday so it was relatively quiet, but the awesome music got me and my sister singing along to break the silence.
Sorry about the poor quality photos, I had to use my old camera and it's kinda crap ):

 So I get bored sometimes during the holidays when I'm not going out and the weather is as depressing as hell. (am I complaining about the weather again? yes, yes I am.), and so to fill the gap between eating and sleeping, I draw, listen to music, draw and listen to music, sleep, stare into my garden, decide whether to do something productive, decide not to, sleep, and the whole cycle starts again the next day. Pretty exciting stuff I do at home right? 
I'm leaving for Hong Kong in a few days, but hopefully I'll try to make some scheduled posts or something :)