Don't be a coconut

Picnik collage
vintage maxi skirt, hat from portobello market, bag form Hong Kong, H&M wedges, belt was a gift, sweater form mum's wardrobe, bow tie from dad's wardrobe
 (photos courtesy of Aimee)

Couple of weeks ago, Aimee and I headed to Brick Lane and a vintage fair in Spitafields Market, then I gave her a little tour around where I live, and by tour, I mean we went on the high street and checked out some charity shops there... The vintage fair was not as big as the ones in Bethnal Green, but was still awesome, and I bought the box/bag I'm holding in the photos. I spent quite a while deciding on whether to buy it, as I'm saving up for a dslr camera, but Aimee suggested I could use it as a camera bag/box, so I figured that was enough to justify the purchase and I bought it (thanks Aimee! :D ) It was £10 and I got it for £6 saving me a super £4 towards my camera fund. Win. And Aimee also bought a camera bag for £10, and it is sooo lovely, it is red inside and had animal hair inside, but we brushed it off and now Aimee looks totally awesome with her awesome camera bag. My box/bag was kind of awkward to carry around though, it didnt have a strap, so most of the day I was carrying it under my arm withouth knowing, which looked a little awkward...After we headed to a few charity shops around my area, Aimee bought another bag and I nearly bought a suitcase but bought a mini cooper instead, which was probably one of my most random purchases. Then we did some baking, and if you follow our twittererers, you would probably know how it turned out...if not, just guess. Clue: we totally burnt it.

I've cleared out my room recently too, ready for when I move into my new room which is so much bigger than my current room, which I'm quite excited about. Can't wait to be rid of this faded yellow carpet. Yes, yellow. I really want a clean white minimalistic room, but given the fact that I have so much crap in my room, that won't happen, so I guess I would just have to take the 'car-boot-sale-like-random-junk-everywhere' theme into the new room. *sighs*

Oh, and for some summer music, check out Little Comets, they have been around for a few years and they're pretty awesome.

Peace owt


p.s. I won't be posting many outfit posts for a while, I broke my camera and may have to go back to using a really old one...on a more positive note, it would mean I might be buying my new one soon!


  1. I need to buy a camera bag.. i'm saving for one :) yay for charity shops!
    I'm happy to hear you got a bigger room! Make sure you furnish it nice :D

    You look pretty as always ^___^


  2. Gorge outfit, love your vintage skirt! :) also loving how you painted your nails! xx

  3. Haha, 'car-boot-sale-like-random-junk-everywhere' theme could be my favourite! I have been moving cities recenlty, and although I only had one room to move, it made me realize how much JUNK a person accumulates!

  4. aaah i loooove your skirt and suitcase!! <3 <3

  5. I'll be hitting a few vintage fairs in London this month/next month too and hoping to find a cool camera bag. You two inspire me to shop at vintage fairs and charity shops instead of the highstreet! Love your nails and rings.

  6. Gorgeous outfit, I love the skirt!

  7. loving your hat and your mulit colors nails. Too cute. Bummer about your camera but at least you get to go shopping for a new one.

  8. Firstly you look amazing! secondly that was the best 6:28 minutes i've ever spent in my life. Your room is Beautiful girl so many things to see. I felt like i was travelling from places to places. Love it so much makes my room look so bad <3

  9. Your room looks so great!
    I love your Ikea pencils, haha.
    And your outfit is perfect!!<3

  10. GAH YOU ARE SO ADORABLE. I'm loving this outfit - that hat is BEYOND AWESOME. It's so floppy and stripy and AH I NEED IT.

    And I'm totez going to watch that video when I have a tad more time! I love your videos. You have the best accent everrr.


  11. Love your outfit! Cute room.

  12. cute outfit!! awesome camera bag/box haha, totally justified purchase ;)and i love how you're wearing things from your parents' wardrobe hehe :) xx

  13. Great post :) I really like your blog, maybe you want to follow each other?


  14. Another adorable outfit! See you're rocking that hat that I love again!


  15. Love your outfit! and the room tour was coool!!

  16. OOOH wow you look amazing love everything!!xx

  17. great skirt!!! :O)


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  19. your red bag/box is epic
    and so vintage
    love it!

    also, your red neck bow is just perfect with your maxi skirt ;)

    a mini cooper??? picture please!


    PS. can't wait to see your new camera!

  20. gosh you're SO lovely!! :)
    and you seem to love hats as much as I love hats :)

    lots of love from germany ♥, Peppie


merci ♥