I will post soon, but in the meantime...

Hello.Hope all you beautiful readers are well, happy and smiling :) 
This post is just a little collection of random photos I found on my laptop, I'll make a better post soon, I have a few posts lined up, including another video with the wonderful Aimee! It's a little different from the previous videos...exciting stuff huh? 
1. Rings bought htis week, H&M and topshop, 2. Outfit from a few days ago, 3. Japanese umbrella, 4. Pistachio ice cream from caffé concerto, 5. Vintage blouse and broach, 6. outfit photo from previous post.

Ths song is an acoustic of Pegasus Bridge-Ribena, which I have been listening to lots lately, I had heard a few of their songs last year but never really listened to them, then I bought their album last week and I looove it! Recommend it! And yes, I bought it, rather than downloading it, because I prefer to have a physical copy than just digitial music...probably one of the few who buys the majority of music as CDs, seeing as we're now living in the 'techno generation'....lets keep the CD ALIVE people! And also I absolutely love acoustics, love them.

Today I started a volunteer job in a charity shop, which was actually quite fun. As someone who loves rummaging through general 'old stuff', spending the day in the back of a charity shop overflowing with general 'old stuff' was perfect for me. As I was sorting through the donations I kept a little pile of finds for me to buy later...they were pretty hard to resist...

On saturday I'm doing my Orange Rockcrops project, which I'm pretty excited about. Haven't really done anything like that before so it should be an interesting experience, looking forward to it!

Also, I can't wait for my exams to be over, although I only have 2 left, as this summer is going to be gooood! I'm going camping with a few friends, getting my new room and I've planned to go Brighton and hit the car boot sales with Aimee, it's gonna be an awesome summer.

I'll post soon,
           Peace out



  1. Love the rings and the little peek of the pink dreamcather ^__^
    Have you seend TSO Photography 'The Mountain' piece? It's amazing...


  2. Love your rings, and the ice cream looks yummmms :D cant wait for summer either, gonna be goood! X

  3. i love the rings, particularly the red one, and the two outfits are great - love the belt embellishment on the last image :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  4. Cool pics!


  5. love all the photos! your blog is greeeat!! thank you so much for your lovely comment! It really made my day :)

  6. love the rings ! i have the H&M one myself its fab :)

  7. Fabulous rings.

  8. the last image is so cute! hahaa!
    beautiful rings
    Krissy xoxo


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