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primark mens t-shirt, hat from tiger, H&M cuff, diy necklace
Hello munchkins.
Hope you are all well and smiling :) My exams finished on wednesday, so I'm freeee! As a bird. Kinda. I'me so relieved to have finished my gcses, and looking back they went quite fast, except next year I will be taking my A-levels, which is quite daunting, as it only seemed a few years ago when I was young and thought that even my gcses were 'donkeys years away'. I'm taking english lit, french, textiles and maths if anyone was wondering...Also I'll be leaving my current school to go to a new sixth form, which is a big worry for me, seeing as I'm really shy when it comes to new people, but a new start is always exciting to me. 

I've planned this summer to be a creative and money making one. I'll be letting out my interior-designer part of me for my new room, with the additional help from ikea pages 152-153 and 137. I'm looking for a job to buy a new dslr camera, which I'm in desperate need of at the moment. I'm currently using my mum's camera and they photos don't really come out too well, and plus there are really annoying date and time numbers in the corner, which I can't remove as that I'm not techno savvy and can't figure it out.

Oh, on another note, I did my orange rockcorps project in my local area recently, which was pretty awesome. My group painted a building for a scout group, and it was fun, and even more fun getting paint all over my clothes, now I have jeans covered in paint to remember as a little memoir to the day.

I bought this hat a few days ago in Tiger, which is an awesomely fantabulous shop if you've never been to one. I used to go to one near my aunties house up north london, so when I found out they opened a new store at my local shopping centre I was pretty happy :D The things they sell are completely random and super cheap, and I got this hat for a tiny tiny £3! I made this necklace from a springy toy I bought in Prague years back and thought it would add a fun element. Plus she's super cute.

I'm probably rambling on now, so thats all folks! (anyone remember watching Looney Tunes as a child and Bugs Bunny used to say thats all folks at the end?...no?)



  1. The orange rockcorps project sounds interesting, I've seen this thing on TV before and it look fun!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

    You are such a cutie, I love how happy you look in all your outfit photos!

    And that DIY necklace is the bomb. :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. woooou fantastic hat....!!! very nice.. :O)


  4. Love the hat and the adorable necklace girl!
    Have fun decorating Ikea! Omg thats sound so so much fun! You can honestly tell your friends that you've styled pages you've mentioned :P


  5. you look really nice with ur red lipstick !

  6. i love your lipstick!
    could you pls tell me the adress of that Tiger shop?

  7. hey honey! girl, im saving for a new dslr too! what are you planning on getting? and omg im gonna be decorating my new place soon! cant wait to see how you do your room :)

    i hope that you had a great weekend sweetie!

  8. you're so pretty! you look great with a red lip!

  9. I love the concept of your necklace. So cool! =)


  10. cuuute t-shirt, and the red lipstick looks AWESOME :) xx

  11. oh i LOVE how u had some much fun with this - ADORO!!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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  12. you look super gorgeous with that tee and red lipstick!
    Adorable <3

  13. and a lack of real spice in your life... :P Nice song choice! my room is undergoing some re-vamping at the moment but its so nice to get stuck in to design. You'll enjoy it im sure. Great bargain for that hat too for £3!

  14. you my dear, are so kawaii. ♥

  15. hope you get good results on your exams, and grate outfit.

  16. I really love your style!

  17. everything is so beautiful!!xx

  18. You cutie pie! Congrats on finishing your exams! Must be a huge relief :) Love your lipstick shade and your hat!


  19. Cuuute outfit! I'm the same on the camera thing mine broke so I have to use my old crappy one and it suuucks!! Hopefully you find a job!!


  20. love your style! your lip color is gorgeous! xx

  21. i love your makeup and thats such a cute hat
    I would love for you to check out my blog
    Ashley :)

  22. i absolutely love these photos!


merci ♥