Feel like a tourist lost in the suburbs

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Hello sweets :) I came back from a few days in St Malo, by the coast of France and it was super fun.We arrived early in the morning so had breakfast as soon as we got there, I had a hot chocolate and my god I swear everything tastes better over these because it was SO GOOD. For the whole of the first day we just explored the area around our hotel, and although it was quite small there was so much to see. Being me, I got all excited over the cobbled streets and cute shops signs and was taking photos of everything (we were tourists, it's gotta be done duh) and tried lots of sweet foods from the stalls there.Then in the evening we walked along the beach and watched the sunset, which was so beautiful. It was more like a colour spectrum of orangey-red to blue from the sea to the sky rather than the sunset.

Fun fact: I'm a morning person. Well not so fun, but it's a fact. So when I'm on holiday, I get up super early and watch the sunrise, I'm a sucker for sunrises and sunsets, they're so so beautiful. Add the crisp sunrise to the gentle waves of the beach 5 minutes from my hotel and I'll get up pretty early to see it. 

We also went to Mont St Michel and Dinard, which are both really picturesque places; the views are amazing.Oh, and of course the food there was yumz. Fresh seafood and the best frigging pecan tart I've ever tasted?! Yes Please. 

On a different note, the summer holidays are coming to a close, it's gone so quick and it's hard to believe I've left school and going into sixth form. At least I don't have to wear a uniform anymore, glad to leave that part behind. However I'm not looking forward to seeing people wearing just t-shirts and almost see through leggings so their arse is fully on show, whats with that? Pull yourself together people, purlease.

I also got my GCSE results last week, which I'm so happy about, so glad they're over, now, a-levels.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


p.s. Can't leave this out the post, just can't. For those who watched The Strokes @ Reading, or were even there (lucky people)  you would have seen Jarvis Cocker join them on stage. Gah I died. So perfect. Julian Casablancas and Jarvis Cocker. Amazing.


  1. I love sunset/rises as well ^__^
    Have fun in France!
    The photo's are beautifully taken!


  2. wow it looks so pretty!
    i would do just the same to see the sunset and sea!
    gah, college is so close, i dont want summer to end!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. your glasses are so cute, your holiday looks lovely, glad you had a great time :) xx


  4. looks like you had a great time! next time you go, hide me in your pocket =) i wanna come too!


  5. wow france! the perfect place to lounge the summer seeing some killer sunrises and sunsets. wonderful pictures, really charming.


  6. I wanna go! I am pleased you are happy with your GCSE results!

    Katrina from theyoungbridgetjones.blogspot.com

  7. your photos are beautiful! i want to go to france so bad <3 i have to say, your ombre hair is wonderful <3

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  8. beautiful photos! :)


  9. Totally adore your pictures, it seems like ur are having a wonderfull time, the pictures are beautiful, and you look so cute

    Loved your summer getaway!


  10. ahhh that looks so funn!! Love the pictures too, very cool!

  11. inspiring!

    Check out my new post!
    katheryn :*


  12. So great pictures:)
    check out mine:)

  13. Love your photography, looks like you had an awesome time :D and omg yes, jarvis cocker AND julian casablancas on the same stage?! Ahhhh heaven. xxx

  14. Lovely photos, your dip-dye hair looks awesome btw! Hope your summer hols are going well :)


  15. feeling like a tourist is always good here once in a while:) looks like you had lots of fun:) p.s. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to 'like' my picture.. it only takes a second. I'd really appreciated. here is an explanation: http://cyliaaaa.blogspot.com/2011/09/tag.html

  16. Oh sweetheart, your ombre hair is perfection

  17. WAH THESE PHOTOS ARE SO PRO AND GORGEOUS AND MMM. What kind of camera do you use again? It's smashing. Looks like incredible times!

    And I love your post above. The ring? TOO CUTE.



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