Flash delirium

Hi lovely readers, hope you guys are all well and smiling! I'm at a hotel near somewhere near the north at the moment, as my family and cousins are going to Alton Towers tomorrow, which I'm super excited about as I am a big kid inside, as we all are right? Anyway I'm making most of the free wi-fi here and drinking free mugs of tea. Yumz, cheap thrills. My sister and I had a little walk around the golf course, meaning running around the fields and taking many a photo.

I would like to express my love for this little blazer, I don't know if it comes out well but the colour is a bright fuchsia and it's awesome and floaty, which I luuurve as it's super fun to wear and spin around in. It was my mum's, and I found it as I was clearing out my room the other day, I was pretty ecstatic when I found it, I love the little treasures my mum had from years ago.

A few weeks ago my friends and I went to Underage festival in Victoria Park, which was awesome. The best performances for me were Viva Brother, Wolfgang, Miles Kane, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Midnight Beast, and we also saw Annie and Sissy from The Model Agency, which they should totes make a new series of, I loved that show.

I'm off to st Malo in France next week too so the nest few weeks will be pretty busy but I'll try and keep this little blawg updated. I'll reply to comments and catch up on all your blogs when I get back, thanks for all the new followers and your lovely comments, I appreciate them all :)

Besos x



  1. You're right! This blazer is amazing! :D as your hair :Q____ I've fallen in love with them *_*

    AmelyPhotography ♥

  2. This blazer is so cute; i fell in love with it!
    Do me a favour: Bring loads of photos from france! ;D

    xx, Lea

  3. you look great! ;) i like your hair ;) xx,K.

  4. I really love your hair! You look great!

  5. I LOVE the first photo, so cute haha, and the blazer looks awesome, I never find stuff like that in my mum's wardrobe -_- xx

  6. Your hair is just AMAZING, i really like it!
    I like your blog too,

    Xx :)

  7. You have totally awesome hair!! Nice outfit as well! x

  8. Such cute pics! Love your hair! xoxo

  9. nice pics,, totally love ur jeans and ur shoes,,))

  10. I love your blog, what do you think of following each other?

  11. nice outfit & I love your hair! :)

    come and follow me :)

  12. Probably very late on this, but bloody hell girl your hair looks FANTASTIC! ♥

  13. Thumbs up on the blazer melissa.. it does come out a little red in pictures, but I believe that it's even cooler in the fushia! and have fun in alton towers- its thee best fun ever!

  14. oh wow, love this look and wow your hair is so cool!

  15. That blazer is lovely, what a great find. Your hair also looks amazing :) x

  16. if only all sisters were that cooperative :P adore the blazer the vibrancy and movement. I like this tights and sneaks look.


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