I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

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H&M shirt and trousers,vintage bow and bag, H&M, topshop and vintage rings

Sup brah.

I've had so much work from school and haven't really had enough time to fit any posts in, a levels are sucking up my social life, and I've been housebound this past week. I should be writing my english lit essay right now, but Rossetti poems have really become the bane of my existance. I spend most weeknights either doing piles of work due for the next day or curled up in bed on my own with a Hitchcock movie and my duvet. I iz so funz.

On sunday I went up London with Aimee to (finally) check out the Monki store in Selfridges, which I was super excited about, I had only read about Monki on other blogs and from the magazine which is the cutest thing ever, and so I couldn't wait to visit it. It was quite small but had a lovely selection there and hopefully they will open a bigger store soon. Surprisingly for the past few days it's been sooo hot here in London, probably making up for the sun in the summer which was, well, non existent. I'm still wearing autumnal colours nontheless, I'm like purple right now. And fushia. Maybe together. Like candy. I'm kinda hoping the heat will go and cold briskness of autumn to come along, I love wrapping up and wearing huge chunky jumpers and coats and the cosiness and warmth. And this year, I'll be whipping out the bobble hat. Yee boy. Way cool.




  1. love the bow tie its a nice touch
    great style, this is such a chic look :)


  2. I LOVE you, you're wearing a bow tie!! magnificent. Your outfit shots just keep getting better and better darling ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. The little bow tie's adorable! Also love the colour of your shirt against the colour of your trousers x

  4. Love this look, the colours are perfect. I must take a trip to Monki soon, I've heard only good things x

  5. your hair looks so good! ^__^


  6. I really like how the colours work in this. Ah I wish I could take a trip to LDN just to go to Monki :( Hope they open a store in Manchester soon.X

  7. the bow tie is crazy cute. Such a nice touch to this casual look.

  8. Love the bow tie! and this was an awesome day :) xx

  9. hope that you have some down time away from school soon! you look so darling =)

    x jamie

    formerly blogredhead.blogspot.com


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