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vintage skirt and scarf (worn as hairband), H&M jumper, topshop necklace, belt gift, new look shoes, H&M and vintage cuffs
Today I went to portobello market with my cousins, as you can see from the photos it's been raining recently, although luckily it didn't today which is always good as the best stalls always close whenever it rains. We had lunch at Garden and Grill which is as awesome restaurant, it does an amazing pad thai...yum. After a whole day wrestling through the crowds and sharing (the best) cupcake and a brownie, I came home with some pretty awesome purchases which I will show you guys sometime. 

I bought this skirt in the last vintage kilo sale I went to with Aimee a few weeks ago in Brick Lane (post here), it's so fun to wear and swishes as I walk, which I love because, you know, I'm 5. I've been wearing this jumper endlessly this past week, it makes school a little less dull. Albeit the cold weather, I feel drawn to bright colours, I don't know why, I just guess I don't really adapt to seasonal changes, I think I dress pretty much the same all year round...


p.s. it's totally christmas in 43 days.


  1. That skirt is so pretty, I love it! e.e

  2. I LOVE this outfit..I need to invest in some chic middy skirts for sure! Looking gorg!
    Maryam xx

  3. Ahh thank you for your lovely comment sweet :) You look gorgeous, the jumper is such a nice colour xx

  4. Thank you for lovely comment! Do you have piercings? Lovely skirt!!

    Can you enter my giveaway? They are awesome, you will love it! http://theyoungbridgetjones.blogspot.com/2011/11/giveaway-my-memories-suite.html


  5. LOVE this look! not only for the amazing clashing colors, but for the rad pattern of that maxi skirt!

  6. i love that skirt! so pretty!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. LOVE your skirt, and your knit is such a lovely colour.

  8. LOVE the jumper (fucsia colour is the best) and the belt.
    The shoes are amazing.


  9. Gorgeous look again n.n I love the skirt

  10. Loooove that necklace hon! A statement piece like that is just the ticket ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  11. YOUR HAIR! how did you get it like that? Did you bleach the hell out of it? And the whole outfit is stunning. Also, just saw on of your posts on music... and I have never read anyone write as many artist liked by me. we should be friends ;)

  12. woooooooooow suuuuper gorgeous :) love your outfit!

  13. I really love your jumper, it looks so soft and it's such an awesome colour!

  14. You looks so stylish, and your hair looks amazing! :)

    X Camilla


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