don't break the red tape

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There's something about the word 'revision' that makes my brain shut down and find something less important and unproductive to do, and right now it's making cups of honey and lemon (I sound like voldemort) and trying to justify having not done any during the christmas break. New purchases this month include several cds and dvds from a recent HMV splurge (late christmas present...for myself) , an old Agatha Christie edition I found  in a vintage book store, finally a new winter coat and this No.7 'Totally Teal' nail polish. No.7 is probably my favourite brand for nail polishes, but at £7 each I don't buy them that often, but when I saw this colour I couldn't not get it. I've also been buying quite a few random decorations/ ornaments for my room, and I've got my eye on a few Rob Ryan designs to plaster all over my wall. And more dreamcatchers. I love dreamcatchers.



  1. i changed my URL back to abouthumanthings.blogspot.com haha
    I'm such a dork, i know :D

  2. Your room looks so cute and perfect. And I love the snuggly warm knits you have piled up!x

  3. Great post, love how you have orgamised your bags!

  4. Wow, LOVE the pics.
    And LOVE dreamcatchers so much.


  5. i love your hair soooo much :)

  6. Beautiful photos girllllllll! I love your room and everything in it :) xx


merci ♥