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Today Aimee and I went to Portobello Market and High Street Kensington for some vintage and high street shopping therapy. I bought 2 vintage leather bags, one in these photos and the other a mini leather drawstring bag which is the perfect size to lug around my camera (seeing as the 3 I've bought for it are-albeit pretty to look at- all boxy= really impractical. le sigh.) I love the shape of the bag in thses photos, the rounded shape is quite a quirky detail and I love the smell of it. That vintage smell...it may sound weird but I love walking into a vintage shop and just smelling...vintage...just me? I also bought a metal necklace from h&m and a vintage burgundy speckled jacket with anchor buttons (I know) for £2 (I know). I'm currently lounging around in it, it's a weird shape as it's a mens jacket but it's super comfy.

I have 6 mock AS exams coming up next week and no time this weekend to revise. Exams + no revision = inevitable panic in the mornings. I planned to do some during the christmas break but never got around to doing it. Why do I always do this?? I hope my parallel self in a parallel universe is doing better at this. My mind drifts a lot. Le sigh.



  1. so cute
    loving this look
    your hair is so awesome


  2. Love the colours in this, and I'm like that with the vintage smell too. I love it, mmmmm....musky. xx

  3. The colours in your outfit are amazing. I love the pink with the green. You little beaut.x

  4. Got major love for your title, I always want to crank out my dad dancing skills when I listen to that tune.

    May I say that is an awesome hat you're wearing too, and a very nice jazzy handbag.

    I'm supposed to working on journal work, it's in for Monday and I've strung a long a few sentences today, I'm hoping tomorrow the panic will set in and I'll just be a machine! Good luck with your exams, just try your best and I'm sure you'll be great!

  5. You look lovely, I love the pink jumper and the little white hat :) xx


  6. Cute outfit, I love your hair. That Market sounds really good. The bag looks nice, ugh, I need a new bag but I'm SO FUSSY when it comes to them. Good luck with the school work!

  7. I love the box bag so much, the print is too cool! Good luck for your exams, I'm sure you'll do well :)

  8. you look lovely! love your bag :)

  9. Ohhh I love your blog, stunning as usual :) xxx

  10. Good luck with school! Love love love your hair!

  11. awww love your hat
    also wanna see the 2 quid jacket
    good luck with ASs, I have my A2s next week:(x

  12. You look great! Love your hair ♥

  13. I so love both of these bags! x

  14. Good luck in your exams sweets! After you've finished you should go on a celebratory charity shop hunt :) Love that bag, is it paisley? ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  15. You look gorgeous, such a cute hat and jumper! And you live in west london? Yay, so do I <3

  16. I love the colour of your jumper & LATCHMERE. Aw that reminds me of someone I haven't seen in so long...

  17. So pretty! Love the knit! Following you!



  18. laaassshhh! (lush in my own voice!) love how you put bold green AND pink together. so bold of you! no pun intended. your ombre hair is lovely as always

    xo katrina


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