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I got back from a week in France yesterday and I have to say it was one of the best. I was working in a men's clothing store which was super fun, there wasn't one boring minute- if I wasn't chatting to one of the people I work with there was always some hot French eye candy...It was so interesting working in an French shop, and aside from a few awkward silences and laughs whenever I got something wrong, it was a great experience. On thursday apparently it was student night so we headed to an underground club one of the guys in the shop recommended which was alright apart from the french music none of us knew. I hadn't even heard of the city before, but the arcitecture in Nancy was so beautiful, especially at night when Place Stanilas was illuminated with lights, and the water fountain was frozen over, so the water was replaced with thick ice which made it even more amazing. Felt quite depressing waking up back in London, as much as I love it here, I want to go back! Today I've been lounging around not really doing anything productive, no make up and natural hair. It's called post-holiday syndrome, symptoms: moping around, constantly reminding self about the past week, reluctancy to go back to normal daily routine.

I didn't take my camera with me, and lost a disposable one I bought there so I don't have any photos to share. I did however do a lot of shopping during my daily 2 hour lunch breaks, and my money mainly went to the Zara right next to my shop and a €79 a pair of boots, which I wouldn't have done in London, but theres something about being abroad which makes it ok to spend more...I also bought a new earring for my cartiledge piercing, I've been looking for one like this for a while, and I loved the little butterfly on it so had to buy it. I made the mistake of breaking in these creeper style shoes I bought from asos a few weeks ago in too when it was snow/ icy-not recommended.

 I've been trying to put of starting this french essay I was supposed to have started about 4 hours ago which is due tomorrow but I guess I should get it done now so I'll leave you with this awesome song from an awesome Finnish band, such cuties.
 A bientôt



  1. Ah, them shoes are so nice!
    I went to France when I was like 10, all I got to see was Disney Land, the hotel and the airport, I was totally confused by what everyone was saying, that wouldn't happen now of course, as I am fluent in french, (fluent being, I know the words, "le" and "petit") Oh yes, French classes well spent.


  2. Sound so much fun having a work experience in France ^___^
    Too bad you didn't take your camera with you!


  3. I love the piercings soo tempted to get another one!! xx

  4. Soooooo, I think I'd like your life. Please.

    Also, that first photo of your is perfect.


  5. Glad you had fun! I love France :) I've taught English in France but I once worked in Sephora in a Parisian suburb and that was pretty fun :) x x


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