3 months ago...

This is a video I finally got to editing from my birthday (way back in March). Aimee and I went around Soho, Covent Garden, then to Hammersmith to see Jack Whitehall. I made a post about it here so check it out amigos. (watch in 1080p HD guyz!)

On another note, I started my internship at a vintage shop in Notting Hill, didn't know I would be letting myself in for 8 hour days without pay...However I do enjoy it, although it is similar to working in a charity shop, which I did last summer, except with much lovelier clothes (and customers). I'm working in a men's vintage shop, and I find some of their pieces more interesting than womens', and I also find myself feeling the fabrics and seeing if I can guess the fabric. Hashtag fabric nerd.

I'll leave you on that note.



  1. Great video. I love Soho!


  2. ooh what exactly is the internship role? i'm currently looking for fashion internships in london but not finding anything, so competitive!

  3. can't watch your video cuz of GEMA

  4. aww that was so cute. I love it - loving the soudntrack aswell xx


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