Beach Fossils

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On monday Aimee and I headed to Monto Water Rats in Kings Cross to see Beach Fossils, and Pale Seas and Filthy Boy were supporting. The venue was small, which I prefer, and Dustin is so cute I wanted to take him home.

Yesterday was Jubilee day, so I went up London with my family to see the flotilla, but they wouldn't let anyone through, so we ended up buying sushi take out, going home, and watching it on tv. Also last week I took my sister out to see Dark Shadows, which was so good, I hardly ever go to the cinema nowadays, the last time being when I saw the Hunger Games and the next probably in the space of the next few years. Tonight I'm seeing Friends play at Rough Trade East with Aimee, then having a bbq, tomorrow I might be going to the zoo (being the inner 5 year old), and on wednesday I have a job trial at a vintage shop in Notting Hill, and on Friday Aimee and I are seeing The Maccabees at Alexandra Palace! Cannot. Hold. My. Excitement.

More soon, hopefully I'll be taking some outfit photos soon and editing a few videos from ages ago that I never got to posting.

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  1. Looks and sounds amazing! I really like your new header by the way


  2. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed Dark Shadows. I have been contemplating going to see it in the theater.

  3. Your week sounds so exciting! Good luck wednesday and have fun seeing The Maccabees! I also loove your new header!

    xoxo, Laura

  4. great photos! I totally love them!!


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